UnCollege is changing the notion that going to college is the only path to success.
Fifty percent of the world’s population is under thirty: you must differentiate yourself to succeed. With 70.1% of high school graduates going to college, a college degree no longer guarantees success.
Why should you join the UnCollege movement?
Mission: To change the notion that university is the only path to success and to help people to thrive in an ever changing world in which it is virtually impossible for educational institutions to adapt. We believe that:
  • Many people pay too much for university and learn too little.
  • You can get an amazing education anywhere—but you’ll have to stop writing papers and start doing things.
  • You need an excellent education to survive in a world where 50% of the population is under 30.
  • Subjects taught in traditional universities are often contrived, theoretical, and irrelevant, promoting conformity and regurgitation rather than innovation and learning.
  • You don’t have to decide what to do with your life at age 18.
  • You can contribute to society without necessarily having a university degree.
  • You cannot rely on university to give you a complete and relevant education when professors are often more interested in researching than teaching.
  • If you want to gain the skills requisite for success, you must hack your education.
We encourage you to check out our Gap Year Program, Hackademic Camps, and more!