The UnCollege Gap Year Program

A Gap Year of Learning, Living Abroad, and Doing Work that Matters

The Gap Year Program will take place not just in San Francisco, but anywhere in the world – it’s up to you.

What is a Gap Year Program?

 “We are lending money we don’t have to kids who can’t pay it back to train them for jobs that no longer exist. That’s nuts.”

- Mike Rowe

The education system is broken, and no one’s doing anything about it.

At UnCollege, we’re trying to change that.

And our Gap Year program – a year of learning, living abroad, and art – will get ten lucky fellows and show them the way to better learning.

It’s a year-long program where fellows will be learning, living abroad, and pursuing work that matters. Most Gap Year Programs are loose conduits from high school to college. Here, we teach you everything you need to know, from traveling to building work you care about.

We provide the skills, the resources, and the access. All you need to do is show up, and bring your best. We’ll do the rest.


The Four Gap Year Phases:


Launch – The Gap Year starts with a ten-week residential program where you and nine other Fellows will be living in the Gap Year House. All in San Francisco, you’ll participate in sessions, workshops, challenges, roundtables, and discussions all designed to help you develop your best self – whether it’s learning hard skills or figuring out how to network.

Voyage – The second Gap Year program phase is three months living abroad in a country where you’ve never been, doing things you’ve never done. Whether it’s growing an organic farm in Spain or teaching classical music in China – the UnCollege team will help you effectively plan a battle-strategy to tackle whatever learning challenge you’re up for. Plus, we’ll provide you with $2,000 toward your expenses. It’s living abroad, just better.

Internship – After your Gap Year Voyage, the program will secure you with three months as an intern at a company or organization that matches your learning objectives. It could be a giant tech company (Google, Facebook), a startup in Silicon Valley, or a charity distributing aid in a foreign country. The aim is to get you ready for the real world and get you experience that’ll make you stand out. The internship phase does not have to take place in San Francisco or the United States – anywhere is fair game. You’ll continue to receive daily support and guidance from the UnCollege Gap Year team.

Project – With the final phase, you’ll be launching your own project – one that people actually pay you to complete. This could be anything from an exhibition, a published book, or even starting a company. The aim is to stretch you to the limit. We’ll help get you where you want to be, every step of the way.

Gap Year Program Details:

The cost for the Winter/Spring 2014 Gap Year program is $14,000. The Summer/Fall 2014 Gap Year program is $15,000. Here’s what you get:

- Ten weeks of intensive training – all in San Francisco – with living accommodations and eight meals per week

- Exclusive access to networks in Silicon Valley

- Access to Guest Speakers, from neuroscientists to cutting edge entrepreneurs

- One-on-one mentorship

- Hackademic, Effective Self, and Common Understanding workshops

- A chance to learn alongside other Hackademics, just like you

- Complete support from the UnCollege Gap Year Program team

- Secured internship and three-month of living abroad with $2,000 to spend as you may

- Practical, effective assistance in building your own learning plan

- Lifelong membership in the UnCollege Gap Year Alumni Community

Gap Year Program Requirements:

 If you’re 18 – 28, we encourage you to apply.

You can have either a high school diploma, college degree, neither, or both.

But we’ll be frank: we could care less about that. So:

If you love to learn, but find traditional approaches to education frustrating…

If you want to create your own path and pursue ambitious goals…

If you enjoy working in teams and respect people with different backgrounds…

Then this might be for you – apply for the UnCollege Gap Year now!