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The UnCollege Gap Year Program
guides you through a yearlong
journey of self-directed learning.

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The program is divided into four phases, each lasting approximately three months. These include living in a Gap Year House, traveling abroad, working at an internship, and completing a creative project. During this program, you will learn more about yourself and the process of learning, make friendships and connections from a variety of backgrounds, find mentors, and develop the skills necessary to be successful both personally and professionally.

We enhance your autonomy by helping you become better at learning. We'll do everything we can to help you develop the skills and habits of successful people.

The goal of the Gap Year Program is to significantly develop your capacity for independent, self-directed learning.

What Will I Do On My Gap Year?

The Four Phases

What is the Curriculum?

Workshops focus on the habits and practices of successful people - everything from how to evaluate yourself, to how to build social capital, to how to develop relationships with mentors.

Coaching Meetings take place every Monday and give fellows a space to sit down with a Program Specialist to set goals for the week, contextualize what they are working on, and reflect on progress.

Jam Sessions are focused work periods where fellows work together on specific tasks. UnCollege staff circulate and provide feedback.

Guest Speaker Conversations allow Fellows to hear from a variety of successful individuals on a range of topics. We encourage you to take advantage of these conversations by staying engaged and asking intelligent questions.

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What Does it Cost?

Fall 2014 $15,000

Winter 2015 $16,000

When you register for the program, a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is due to hold your spot. The remaining balance of tuition is due in full 90 days before the program starts. Fellows interested in a payment plan may work this out with the staff. If you decide to leave the program, tuition is non-refundable. Prices, terms, and conditions are subject to change.

For students with financial concerns, UnCollege works with Pave, a company that allows you to raise money in exchange for a small percentage of your future income. Pave will connect you to backers with similar passions, who will provide the tuition and mentorship in exchange for a small percentage of your individual earnings for a 10 year time period. Unlike a loan, your income share payments are designed to always be affordable and scale with your success.

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