Meet the Team

DaleSF         Dale J. Stephens Chief Educational Deviant Dale J. Stephens left school at the age of twelve to become an unschooler.  Today, he is a sought-after education expert appearing on major news networks including CNN, ABC,NPR, CBS, Fox, and TechCrunch.  His work has been covered by the New York Times and New York Magazine to Fast Company and Forbes.  He has spoken around the world at events such as TED2012. At 21, Dale leads UnCollege, the social movement changing the notion that college is the only path to success.  His first book, Hacking Your Education, was published by Penguin on March 5, 2013. In May 2011 Stephens was selected out of hundreds of individuals around the world as a Thiel Fellow.  The Thiel Fellowship recognizes the top changemakers around the world under the age of twenty. Connect with Dale:
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  dylan2         Dylan Evans Gap Year Program Director Dylan’s uncontrollable curiosity has led him in some weird and wonderful directions. In 2006-7 he led an experiment in sustainable living in the Scottish Highlands. On another occasion he made a film for British TV which got banned. He has also taught at various universities around the world, written several popular science books, and set up two companies.
Dylan loves meeting other people with enquiring minds and unconventional approaches, and is deeply skeptical of the idea that university is the only way to continue one’s education after leaving school. Dylan discovered UnCollege when he saw Dale give a talk in Guatemala in 2012, and recognized himself straight away as one of the “educational deviants” Dale spoke about. Dale hired Dylan as a consultant to help develop the first iteration of the Gap Year program based on his exhaustive experience as an educator.  Dylan believes UnCollege is poised to play a central role in the emerging ecosystem of alternative approaches to learning that will revolutionize the world of education over the next ten years.
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  599785_10151382671991121_813777593_n         Jo Welch Gap Year Housing Director Jo is a shameless geek, a committed lifelong learner, and a passionate friend and motivator. Her career spans multiple industries, from hospitality to defense to software and technology. She also successfully started and operated a specialty bakery and food trailer. Along the way she’s taken traditional college courses, as well as taking advantage of the plethora of alternative options, and studied a variety of disciplines. Whether building houses with Habitat for Humanity or  managing a music venue at South by Southwest, she never passes up the opportunity for a new challenge. She spends her free time discovering new and interesting ways to challenge herself physically as well as mentally. Her current loves are weightlifting and yoga, but she can still be found on a kayak or hiking when the weather’s right. She has also been known to unwind into entirely different universes when indulging her love of science fiction and fantasy, and she continues to find enjoyment in everything from card games to board games to miniatures.
She can barely contain her excitement at the unbelievable potential of the UnCollege movement and the Gap Year Program!
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  jean Jean Fan Community Manager Jean worries that there’s too much teaching and too little learning. A recent high school graduate, she’s taking two years off before attending Stanford to learn on her own. This year, she’s working full-time at UnCollege, managing the blog, newsletter, and meetups. Next year, she’s hoping to travel to 12 cities in 12 months. When she goes to college, she’ll major in Computer Science and minor in art — two subjects she wouldn’t have the discipline to pursue on her own. She’s incredibly excited to meet you. Say hello. Connect with Jean:
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  kayla-kamin           Kayla Kamin Executive Assistant Kayla Kamin has had a passion for self-directed learning since she was very young.  Whether it was teaching herself to read out of recipe books, teaching herself how to play Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” by ear on the clarinet (hey, it was the nineties!), or self-publishing a book of poetry at 18 (it really doesn’t stand the test of time), she was always eager to learn and grow outside of the traditional realm of learning.
When she isn’t working as UnCollege’s admin, you can find her playing video games, watching baseball, hiking the bay area, doing yoga, scrapbooking, and doing a bunch of other random things that don’t seem like they should go together.  She has been called an “odd duck” on more than one occasion.
UnCollege is a movement that sits near and dear to her heart, and she is thrilled to be a part of such an inspiring and all-around awesome team!
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  Emeritus UnCollege team members: These folks used to work with UnCollege, but have now moved on to their own awesome projects. We wish them the best!   Kathryn Cannon Former Director of Operations Kathryn Cannon brings an intense and active interest to the realm of unconventional education. Being homeschooled since kindergarten, she experienced learning in a dynamic, personal and challenging way, and wasn’t ready to give that up for a traditional college experience. She discovered an interest in business and entrepreneurship at a young age, and after graduating high school at 16, took a gap year (and a half) where she assisted in the startup of a classical school, co-founded a brewing company, worked in development for a clean energy startup, took over management of her family’s sustainable agriculture business, and traveled as much as possible. With her business experience, she convinced a local college to let her take upper level business classes, but after just two semesters, she started looking for an excuse to drop out. An email from Dale offering her a position provided that excuse! She is now deferring school to work for UnCollege and pursue other interests that were neglected during her stint at university. Kathryn loves to travel, read, see live music, play and teach violin, play guitar, swing dance, and is something of an economics and finance junkie. She is intrigued by movements around the world that will shape the future, and is thrilled to be part of one by working with UnCollege. Connect with Kathryn:  
Mohnish Soundararajan
Former Marketing Consultant
Mohnish pushes startups, books, and projects that matter. He’s recently been designing the marketing materials for big time book launches with Ryan Holiday, the marketing director of American Apparel and best-selling author.
He’s 18.
Mohnish has worked marketing for a startup company (GoParti LLC), designed the promotional materials for a New York Times best-selling book (Robert Greene, Mastery) and helped work huge media outlets (New York Times, Venture Beat, etc.) with Dale Stephens for his first book (Hacking Your Education) published by Penguin. He used to edit, design, and write for a local literary publication as well (The Scribe).
Most importantly though, he loves BLTs. You can find his writing at He loves email.
  Joe Antenucci Former Deputy of Resource Curation Joe’s adventures outside of conventional education started after a quarter abroad in Ecuador. He caught the travel bug and dropped out of Ohio State to travel and teach English in South America. He wrote about some of his travels here. Now back in Ohio after 7 months in Colombia, he does not plan to continue college, much to his family’s dismay. Inspired by Charlie Hoehn, he instead filled a need at UnCollege as a resource curator. He was also lucky enough to be selected as one of Michael Ellsberg‘s apprentices. Joe believes that there are many changes coming in the near future, most exciting among them will be education. He is currently saving up to move to a bigger city, with any luck, New York. Connect with Joe:   Alexander Berger Marlon Paine Devon Dundee