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Find resources for self-directed learning, dropping out of college, and hacking your education.


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Interested in reading more about self-directed learning, hacking your education, or entrepreneurship? You've come to the right place.

Thinking about dropping out of college takes courage. If you are seriously considering it you'll need a plan to land on your feet.


So you’ve decided to take a gap year. Congratulations! Now you’re focused on the next step — persuading your parents.


On your own education path? Here is a guide to teach yourself anything.


Students need more academic freedom so that they can explore more options, follow what they are passionate about, retain interest in education, and retain their uniqueness. Here's why.


Learn Something New Today

UnCollege strives to provide valuable resources for anyone trying to pursue lifelong learning. Here are just a few of our favorite resources.

step outside the classroom

Get out of the classroom and into the real world. Join our new program, Year On, for a gap year or gap semester program. You'll learn through experimentation, coaching, and mentorship.
winter experience

Thinking about dropping out and looking for an alternative for your spring semester? Join our Winter Experience.

year experience

Looking for direction for your next steps after high school? Join our Year Experience.