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Gap Year Coaching

The Help You need

Coaching supports you as you set your own goals, and pushes you to new heights.


Coaches help you set long-term goals, and break those into weekly action items. Each week, you will meet with your coach to evaluate your progress and how to best move forward. Goal setting is a collaborative effort that uses proven practices that help push you forward towards your end goals.

Integral Education

Coaching focuses on the learner as a whole. Your ability to achieve depends not only on the goals that you set for yourself, but on your work habit, mindset, and physical and mental well-being. Coaches will work with you on all fronts to enable personal and professional success.


Coaches guide on many fronts. They help you explore your interests and relevant professional fields. They also help you take on learning that will increase your skills, subject knowledge, and beef up your portfolio. Coaches will push you to make connections, find mentors, and audiences for your work.

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