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Learn. Create. Network.

During the Launch Phase, you will live with your peers in San Francisco, while learning new skills, networking and enjoying life in the most entrepreneurial city in the world.

San francisco

Live in San Francisco, develop your network and attend workshops in a modern, fast-paced startup workspace located at the heart of the SOMA neighborhood. 


This isn't your typical classroom – our workshops take place in SOMA, San Francisco in a fast-paced startup space with a community of innovators, mentors, investors, students, and technologists.

Our Residence

During Launch, You will live at our Gap Year dorm with other Fellows and self-directed learners forming a fun, powerful learning community.


During the Launch Phase you will participate in workshops that focus on building a range of skills and traits such as resilience, self-confidence, habits, and professional skills. All workshops are built on our three pillars of Curiosity, Creation, and Self-advocacy.

Self-Directed Learning

Blaze your own trail. Committing to being a life-long learner requires you to figure out how you are going to learn without someone holding your hand. You will learn how to set goals for yourself to learn about what interests you most.


Learn how to hustle. Getting anywhere in life requires you to leverage your connections to find what you are looking for. You will attend events that you find interesting and build a personal CRM that will help you follow up and strengthen your network.


Believe in yourself and learn how to stay in control when things get difficult. You will learn how to speak in front of a room full of people, have difficult conversations, and use rejection and failure as a launch pad for future success.


Be introspective while you learn. Whether you are blogging about a recent workshop, creating a piece of art that illustrates how you’re feeling, or recounting lessons learned from an interesting person at a networking event, we want you to be deliberate.


Build a portfolio of work that will amaze employers, college admissions officers and your friends. You won't sit idle, but instead take on projects that will move you closer to your personal and professional goals.


Craft your messaging and connect with your audience. You will constantly be challenged to speak and write in an engaging and effective manner that is tailored to your audience. You will write weekly and publish your projects to your network.


UnCollege has a large community of professionals who are passionate about guiding young people towards success. These mentors help fellows understand how to best sequence skill acquisition in their field, advise them on strategic career paths to enter their industry, connect them to relevant sources and give feedback on progress throughout the year.

Here's What They're Saying...

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